What are the benefits of earning a European Studies Certificate?

A certificate in European Studies is not just a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge and understanding of European history and culture. It is an essential building block for advancing your professional career. Whether you are planning to join international companies in the fields of engineering, industry, or health, or are interested in journalism, inter-cultural communication, education, tourism and travel, museum culture, e-media, or environmentalism, an ES certificate will give you critical qualifications and help you stand out in the job market. It is also an indispensable foundation for graduate school in fields such as languages & literature, history, political sciences & international relations, sociology, and the fine arts.

What about the ES Core Courses?

In Introduction to European Studies (EUST 1001), we address questions such as
• What is Europe? Where does it start and end?
• Why is there a European Union? How has it evolved? How does it make decisions?
• Who is European? What does the EU motto “Unity in diversity” mean? How does it work?
• What has Europe achieved in domains like the arts and literature, political and economic contributions, religious thought, architecture and urban landscapes, culture, and daily life?
• Where is the European economy and global engagement headed?

In the European Studies Capstone Seminar (EUST 5001), you can delve more deeply into a particular field of European Studies and consider this area in the context of broader European questions. In 2015 SS, two options are offered: ”European Travel cinema” (section 001) and “EU perspectives from Bordeaux & Southwest France” (section 002 with Study Tour May 16-30, 2015).

How does a Certificate in European Studies fit with my major?

A Certificate in European Studies can be combined with any number of majors, minors, and other certificates. Courses can fulfill requirements in multiple programs. Current students pursuing a certificate in ES include students from CCM, DAAP, College of Business, and College of Engineering, as well as several majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. With a little planning, it is simple to add a Certificate in ES to your other Programs. The ES certificate is a great way to organize the elective options you have while developing your resume.

Will I be able to study abroad as part of my education?

You are strongly encouraged to pursue opportunities to study abroad. European Studies and many departments offer study abroad trips to Europe through UC International. Many programs fulfill one of the ES course requirements.

For more information, applications, and funding opportunities, Go To: http://http://studyabroad.uc.edu

How do I declare a Certificate in European Studies?

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How can I get more information about European Studies?

UC Department of European Studies

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Contact the director of European Studies, Prof. Michèle Vialet to ask any questions or set an appointment.